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Propane can be used to heat your home and can be very cost effective. At Quality Propane, we offer a free complete gas check on your system before setting up any new customers.
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Quality Propane and Fuels offers bulk regular and premium gasoline, ultra low sulfur diesel, racing methanol, fuel oils, and oil tank additives. Also, be sure to look into getting a portable refueler for easy refueling at your new Eau Claire area construction site.
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Save time with scheduled propane deliveries from Quality Propane and Fuels. When your fuel tank reads below 20 percent, it's time to schedule your next refill.
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Heating Assistance

There are government programs in place that may help with the cost of heating for eligible families. The amount of assistance you receive depends on the size of your household, income level, and heating costs.
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Payment & Contracts

Our gasoline and diesel pre-buy program allows you to secure your fuel cost rates now and schedule a bulk delivery or fuel-up at our Chippewa Falls station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides normal billing, Quality Propane and Fuels offers automatic payments as well as cash on delivery services. All clients receive a discount on the overall invoice if the bill is paid within five business days.
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Read what customers have asked regarding the propane and fuels purchasing and delivery process and service they received from Quality Propane and Fuels of Chippewa Falls.
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About Us

Quality Propane and Quality Fuels are two separate, locally owned companies that provide a similar service and share resources.

You receive a competitive rate on our fuel and services due to our strong focus on efficiency. Plus, you benefit from the latest technology to keep your family safe and cut energy costs.

We are committed to providing superior customer service to every customer whether you are heating a single home or large warehouse. Our client base ranges widely and includes:


Commercial Businesses

Nonprofit Agencies

Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Agricultural Farms and Greenhouses

Temporary Construction Sites